• Georgina Steytler

Instagram: The Must Dos and the Definitely Don'ts

by Georgina Steytler

Okay. Okay. I know! I mean what has the world come to when a bird photographer starts writing blog posts on Instagram (IG) right?! I am thinking exactly the same thing... But hear me out. Like it or loathe it, for the time being at least, IG is here to stay and as scary as it might seem to say this, it's become important.

Recently I have seen several high profile photographers join the IG bandwagon and I'm sure they're not doing it for the love of it. I am sure they are doing it because their sponsors have told them they need to. What's more I have had several clients book me because of my IG account. One client, in particular, they wanted to know not only my follower count, but also my engagement rate for my last 10 images: how many people liked my images, how many comments they received and how many views and impressions they garnered.

IG is serious business.


Here's why: It has over ONE BILLION USERS who are doing 95 million posts and liking 4.2 billion of them per day (statistics courtesy of Hootsuite).

ONE BILLION USERS means power, influence, money. ONE BILLION USERS matters to anyone trying to sell a product or service, run a political campaign, publish a book or save the world.

I could go into why the power held by social media giants is, quite frankly, terrifying, but let's just focus on the positives for now. And there are positives. You just need to know how to make the most of them, whilst avoiding the negative fluff that comes with any platform that promotes people who shamelessly promote themselves (and where everyone has a right to comment on it!).