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"Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world."

Andre Maurois, French Author

Heidi Willis

Heidi is an amazing self-taught Australian watercolour artist specialising in Botanical, Bird and Natural History illustration. Her work intricately illustrates the beauty of native and exotic plants, flowers, fruits and seed capsules, but it was her stunning bird portraits that especially caught my eye. I'm sure that you will enjoy this brief introduction to her work.


Michelle DujMovic

Michelle, born in the UK but now based in Western Australia, has a passion for nature, especially birds, and sharing it through her beautiful watercolour paintings. Her goal is to ' 'viewers the breathtaking beauty of the natural world around us, a quieter world full of wonder and life...'


Nadine Dudek

Nadine is an Australian-based watercolour artist whose work is influenced by the precision of botanic art and the elegant simplicity of Sumi-e Japanese ink painting. 


Brenton See

Brenton See is a Perth (Western Australia) artist who paints everything from small canvas works to large scale interior and exterior wall murals.


Sally Edmonds

Sally is another Western Australian artist who specialising in birds.


Hedi Lelumees

Estonian born artist who currently lives in Walpole, Western Australia.  She specialises in large-scale charcoal drawings of Australian wildlife (and her bakery, Tingles Bakehouse,  also happens to make the BEST pies I have ever tasted in my life).


Craig Williams

Craig is a self-taught, professional Tasmanian artist predominantly producing works with a wildlife focus in a range of media including graphite pencils, coloured pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, carbon dust, gouache and acrylic. 


Nicky Shelton

Nicky is another Western Australian artist whose true passion is Australia Birdlife, which she paints in oils.  She goes to great lengths to capture the detail, charisma and personality of each of my chosen feathered subjects. 

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