• Georgina Steytler

I'm In LOVE: Topaz DeNoise AI

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I've never been into gimmicky software much, but every now and then I succumb and give something a go and, boy, am I happy that I tried Topaz DeNoise AI software. To put it bluntly, I've completely and utterly fallen in love with it.

As someone with a social media profile who is time-poor, I don't want to spend hours each day processing images. Sure, some images don't need a lot of work and can be processed quickly, but others may have lots of digital noise which needs to be eliminated, without unduly impacting the sharpness of the bird. In the past, this would involve making countless selective adjustments to reduce noise in the background and possibly out of focus parts of the bird, then selectively sharpening the detailed, in focus, parts of the image.

Enter specialist noise reduction software by Topaz Labs, DeNoise AI. Now, I just open my problematic images in the DeNoise software, click on 'Auto' and watch the magic happen. Within a few seconds, it produces an image that has eliminated noise in un-detailed, out of focus parts of the image, whilst simultaneously sharpening the other bits. A 5 minute job reduced to less than 15 seconds.

Too Good to be True?

In short, no. I'll let my examples below speak for themselves.