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For the Love of Birds


Georgina Steytler, one of Australia’s most gifted wildlife photographers, is passionate about birds and conservation. In this stunning collection of her work over the last decade, her poetic images portray birds as individuals, each with a character of its own, an intelligence and beauty to be admired, a mystery to be solved, a skill to be envied and each with a unique, and deserved, place in this world.


An ethical artist who believes in treading lightly on the earth, she practices and describes the art of low impact photography which doesn’t distress wildlife or disturb natural behaviours. Georgina’s photographs are created to evoke emotion and imagination. She’s drawn to birds with personality and likes to use the elements, light and landscape around the bird to portray a sense of place, scale, perspective, contrast, mood and mystery.


In For the love of birds, you’ll get to know some of Australia’s 830 species of birds in a series of beautiful and powerful images that will reconnect you with our natural world and inspire you to notice the wonderful birds all around us.

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    • Specifications

      • Author : Georgina Steytler
      • Bind : Hardback
      • Pages : 240 (photos and text)
      • ISBN : 9781922388308
      • Publisher : Australian Geographic
      • Imprint : Australian Geographic
      • Publication date : October 2021
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